Dedicating Our All To God.

“For the dedication of the new wall of Jerusalem… They were to take part in the joyous occasion with their songs of thanksgiving and with the music of cymbals, harps and lyres.” (Nehemiah 12:27)

Whatever God builds (or rebuilds) in our lives must be dedicated to Him. This means we declare it for God’s glory. In coming days, we will be able to rebuild our church services again, the first service will be a dedication service.

If we want something to succeed, we must dedicate it to God. To have a strong family, business, or church life, we must dedicate it to God. Without dedication, what we’ve built begins to decay. With dedication, it continues to stay strong.

Dedication is a vital step for those who want to see God’s work remain. Far too many people trust God to restore a relationship or career, only to take it back into their own hands once the hard work of rebuilding is done. In their desperation to avoid failure, they trust God, but once the crisis passes, they begin to trust themselves again.

The people of Israel went through this pattern repeatedly. They would trust God; things would improve; they would take it back for themselves; things would fall apart; and they would have to trust God again.

The key to not seeing that pattern happen is found in dedicating it all to God. Look at Nehemiah, he knew the wall wouldn’t be truly completed until it had been dedicated. The dedication was not some nice little celebration ceremony at the end of the project; it was an all-important part of the rebuilding, which recognized who would get the credit for its usefulness, God.

It’s out of our dedication of whatever God has put into our hands that we recognize why it’s there and what it can be used for. Let’s make dedication a part of our everyday life.

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7:30 pm Wednesday This group is continuing a series of studies by Bob Mumford - 10 Kingdom truths.

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November Birthdays

No birthdays that we know of for this week.

Wedding Anniversary

Nov 12th - Neville & Elaine Ivory.

Special Prayer Point

Our Leadership team wants to actively seek new pastoral leadership. We have been considering this for some time. Phil took on the pastoral leadership role with a view for 3 or 4 months and has now been in that role for almost 18 months.

It was exciting to see at the CRC Nat Conference in September, so many new pastors ordained. This has encouraged us to put to State CRC leadership our needs here at MFC.

We are seeking a young pastor with a family. Pastor John Leak, who helped establish our church many years ago, has been advising and encouraging us in this direction. We are urging you all to fervently pray with us to seek the Holy Spirit in guiding and leading us to the person He has appointed to this ministry role.

Missionary Offering

African Action International Upward Junior School, Bweyale, UGANDA

Pastor Sula says, “Upward Junior School was born from hearing the voice of God some years ago, where a deaf boy named Raymond who was living under my care was brought to our home, very ill for treatment. His condition worsened. As I ministered to him together with my wife, I heard the clear voice of God say to me three times, “You cared for orphans, the widows, the prisoners, the hungry, the needy but you've never cared for the deaf.”

This was in 2009. Since then I have felt the call of God to set up a school for the deaf. I resolved that even if I was alone the school had to be built. God is so good that together with others the vision is ongoing to the present time.”

The vision was to build a school to support and integrate deaf children into mainstream schooling as deaf children have no educational opportunities in Bweyale. (Due to the lack of specialised staff in the local schools.)

Sula had to ‘think outside of the square’ when he couldn’t attract the specialised ‘teachers of the deaf’ to his school. Upward School decided to sponsor 10 local children to attend a boarding school for deaf children, where there were specialised teachers.

As Covid restrictions have relaxed, the government has recently allowed some classes to return to school. Two boys, Akaa and Kibwota have returned to prepare for their year seven National Exams to complete primary school.

Sula paid 1,090,000 shillings as fees for accommodation, maize 60kg, beans 40kg, sugar 6kg, soap and scholastic provisions. ($405). If anyone would like to help Sula with this, it would be a blessing to him and the boys.

Thought for the week.

We become whatever we are dedicated to.

From the Leadership Team

Sunday Gatherings

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Sunday Gatherings

Our primary gathering as a Christian community is on a Sunday morning at 10am. It is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life who have come together to celebrate God.

We experience a combination of modern music, prayers, communion, interaction and testimony plus a positive, inspiring, biblically based message that inspire us to be more like Christ.

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Young People

Events for the youth of Morwell

Morwell Youth


Youth Group is the place to be for youth each Friday night. currently fortnightly. They get together and do fun activities, worship and learn more about God. Youth is for years 7-12 and runs during school terms. If you are interested in attending, then come along and check it out.

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Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

On a Monday morning, every fortnight, mums with pre-school children get the opportunity to meet together and share with each other on how to become "great mums".

If you’re a mum with children under school age, this is the group for you.

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