So, what are we going to do on a Sunday now that we can’t meet together?

One thing we can do is watch an online church service.

Did you watch the Christian Family Centre, Seaton SA. last Sunday? A large CRC church where Bill Vasilakis, is the Senior Minister.

The web site is:

Also check out MFC sermons in the MESSAGES section of this site for messages you may have missed or want to listen to again.

Better Together 1.6.2020

A Spirit filled person

On Sunday Bill shared with us the message of the birth of the Church, Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit filled all the believers that had gathered together in the upper room. (see Acts 2)

A New Beginning - Bill Vasilakis

A Spirit filled person is a person of Power. They get things done for the Lord because they are energized and powered by the Holy Spirit who gives them strength and courage for the tasks ahead.

A Spirit filled person is a person of Purity. They have a level of personal integrity that is unmatched in the world around them. There is honesty in all that they do. They have a clean thought life. The Spirit filled person has the purity of the Spirit and can overcome the temptations of the world around.

The Spirit filled person is a person of Passion. They are a person who is telling the world about the best thing that ever happened to them. They are a person who is willing to put aside style and cultural preferences and take the message to the lost where ever they are.

The Spirit filled person is a person of Peace. So far as it is possible for them, they live a peace with everyone. They forgive before they are asked to, they seek the common good among believers. They are unified in their church and with other churches in the body of Christ.

The Spirit filled person is a person of Persuasion. They know the Gospel and when they tell it others are persuaded to believe. They are in the trenches building tomorrow’s church by winning today’s converts.

We want to be a Spirit filled church, but we must begin by being Spirit filled individuals. Today I want to challenge us all to examine our own lives. Are the marks of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit on our lives? Are you the Spirit filled person that is needed to make our church a Spirit filled Church?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A downloadable book by Bill Vasilakis - mentioned in this week’s sermon.

Tithes and offerings can be contributed via direct debit.

Commonwealth Bank BSB 063 522 Account No. 10070479

Please indicate if the deposit is for missions or tithes and offerings.

You might be wondering when we can all meet together again for Sunday Services?

The leadership team discussed this issue the other night and feel it best to wait until we can have up to 50 meeting together. In the meantime, why not invite someone to share an online service with you in a home? Google Seaton cfc online church

Please, continue to keep in contact with one another.

No birthdays or anniversaries we know of this week.

Thought for the week.

We must passionately love the church in spite of its imperfections.


FOOD for orphanage kids required to reside with extended families during the covid-19 lockdown period.

Boniface is one example: He normally stays at Mercy Home because he used to run away from his home because of starvation, no clothes to wear, no good place to sleep and family violence.

All these were torturing him so much. Now he is back at his grandmother’s home for the lock down, he is starving again.

“It is a two-day journey for Mercy Home to take him food. This week he will receive more maize, rice, sugar, cooking fat, beans, bar soap, Vaseline, toothpaste and toilet paper. He will also receive solar lamps for reading.” Consolate Muga

WATER SECURITY at Mercy School “We prayed every day for God to perform a miracle, and this month of May, we saw a miracle God has performed. We have received money for two 10,000 litre tanks.

On behalf of Mercy Compassionate Centre, I want to thank Morwell Family Church and other donors for this good gesture. We are so grateful for your generosity.” - Consolate Muga.

The two new tanks should provide water security for the dry season coming up.

Missionary Offering in June is for Rachelle Hardy.

In January Rachelle sent her greetings from India, helping out in the CRC World Missions Faith Training School.

Rachelle came back to Adelaide from India on 16th March and was expecting to go back in PNG but with the current events everything is on hold and will remain in Adelaide for the time being.

More next week on Rachelle Hardy

From the Leadership Team

Sunday Gatherings

Join us this Sunday morning

Sunday Gatherings

Our primary gathering as a Christian community is on a Sunday morning at 10am. It is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life who have come together to celebrate God.

We experience a combination of modern music, prayers, communion, interaction and testimony plus a positive, inspiring, biblically based message that inspire us to be more like Christ.

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Young People

Events for the youth of Morwell

Morwell Youth


Youth Group is the place to be for youth each Friday night. currently fortnightly. They get together and do fun activities, worship and learn more about God. Youth is for years 7-12 and runs during school terms. If you are interested in attending, then come along and check it out.

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Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

On a Monday morning, every fortnight, mums with pre-school children get the opportunity to meet together and share with each other on how to become "great mums".

If you’re a mum with children under school age, this is the group for you.

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