Welcome to Morwell Family Church

“You are accepted here just as you are”.

Our hope is that you’ll not only hear these words here but experience them as well. Loving God and loving each other is what Jesus said the whole of the law of God was built on, so we believe that “relationships” are what we should be all about and we mean it.

We want to encourage each other in our journey with God, regardless of our past or present circumstances. As a Church we are a group of people each believing in God’s grace and His ability to transform us to become like Jesus.

We are all in the process of being changed, from one degree of glory to the next, in the hope that each of us can influence our immediate world to be something better.

As a local church we began back in 1985 as an outreach from our sister church in Traralgon. Over the years we moved through a number of rented locations until we were finally able to purchase our current building. Over the years we have slowly developed the facilities to what they are today.

Our whole aim and existence is to present Jesus Christ to our local community by displaying the incredible changes He has made in our lives.

Each of us have been saved from something, and have ended up better people. That doesn’t mean things aren’t wrong in our lives or that we don’t face difficult times. It’s just that we have found the answer, the strength or resilience necessary to help us through to a brighter day.

Seriously, Jesus Christ has made all the difference in our lives. And if you’d like to know more about how, please visit us.

CRC Churches International

CRC Churches International

We are a contemporary pentecostal church that is part of a group of churches called “CRC Churches International”.

This group of churches was founded in 1945 by Pastor Leo Harris in Adelaide and has grown to over 130 churches here in Australia, as well as churches throughout the Pacific region, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

For more information about “CRC Churches International” visit the website at www.crcchurches.org.