How to find Morwell Family Church

Location and Times

Looking for our church here are the details:

Street Address:

Morwell Family Church
81 Princes Drive
Morwell Vic 3840
(Next door to Vic Roads)

Postal Address:

Morwell Family Church
PO Box 983
Morwell Vic 3840

Phone and Email:

Phone: 03 5133 0131
Email: [email protected]

Service Times:

Sunday 10am


Check out the map below for more directions:

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For More Information...

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Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Mornings

We meet every Sunday morning at 10am and gather together to worship, pray, enjoy and develop meaningful friendships, be encouraged and motivated in our Christian walk through a variety of relevant biblical messages.

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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Each year we develop our progressive vision. That process includes all of us meeting together to discuss and produce the spiritual and practical directions we need to take to accomplish a purposeful life as a Christian community.

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We need one another. To care. To love. To help.

For those things to happen we need to relate to each other and build some meaningful friendships.

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